Blizzard is a monster in Forevertale. She talks in an odd way that often makes people think she's insane. She doesn't have many friends because no one can quite understand what she's talking about most of the time.


She wears a long blue and white dress that trails on the ground behind her, with sleeves much long then her arms are; completely covering her hands. It's blue at the bottom and it gradually fades to white at the top.

Blizzard has hair that goes a little bit below her shoulders. It's blue at the roots and fades through purple before turning into red. Her face is mostly covered by her hair, which is constantly messy. She has startling bright blue eyes, and always seems to have a glowing silver aura around her, and anyone crosses into it feels cold.

Her skin is stark white. She has blue zigzag stripes on her arms and calves. Blizzard's hands and feet are icicle-like talons, and are completely covered by her dress. She is frequently mistaken for being human.


Blizzard seems mysterious and nonsensical most of the time, but in truth she just has a odd way of thinking that translates into how she speaks. She grew up spending a lot of time in asylems, because the people around her always assumed she was insane. She never corrects people when they say she's insane, and she also never corrects people when they assume she's human.

She doesn't care what people think of her, and generally ignores their criticism. If someone she cares about is in danger, however, she will become aggressive.

She is very positive, and will ignore most threats. She will wander aimlessly through the underground and will often not recognize it when monsters are talking to her.


  • She was based off Whiteout from Wings of Fire