His full name is Kyoto Uzumaki


He was a Flowerfell!Maguto that was killed and restored as the oldest out of his 3 siblings by Demon!Calibri. He escaped the harsh living enviroment and lived in many AUs before finding about the orginal Maguto

He took the alias Restore!Maguto and decided to help the Underverse team and was shunned when trying to bring back Spectron. Being caught at his emtionally weakest, Demon!Calibri came and corrupted him causing him to have immense anger and mental sadness. This caused him to commit multiple genocides, and attack Karma. He killed Chakra!Maguto and Karma once under the Calibri influence even after actiavting his eye.


He's mostly postive since he was happy but never truly experienced rejection or extreme judgedment unitl ATU which made him have BPD and Social Phobia/Social Aniexty Disorder and minor Monophobia

After Activating his Eye (Arc 2)

He becomes more sarcastic and slightly remorseful and does sometimes acts nice or polite but he still acts like a douche but does feel guilt and more emotions. He feels more happier than he was back then


Under Restore!Mags, he has a black coat with lime green line patterns, he wears a lime green turtleneck under it. He wears black shoes and black sweatpants. He has black lines under his eyes and his sharpest tooth is neon green

After Activating his Eye

After losing the Calibri influence, he now wears a black sweater with white finger less gloves. He wear white t-shirt under the sweater. He lost his marking under his eye and the neon on his tooth. He has white-ish pants and black shoes


Bone Attack

Its a standard attack but he sharpens them to make them lethal and he can control their movement

Gaster Blaster

He does any damage he intends to do to anyone but they move faster aactually have minds of their own so they aim with their eyes

Restore and Corrupt

He can restore items, people and corrupt them using a blaster, touching them or a weapon


He has a scythe that he uses to either restore or corrupt or just a weapon for battle, a broadsword that has red and black techno coloring and knives he can use for throwing or fighting


-He once committed a genocide after the incident

- He states that he's 23 during a argument with Spectron

-After activating his eye he doesn't actually hates the Underverse team but dislikes Spectron for being a "self stuck up demon"

- He actually isn't truly evil, the Calibri Influence corrupted him