That thing, It scares me
^ Error talking about bluescreen Sans

Glitch form =

Bluescreen is not human it moves uncontrollably and can destroy Any AU in a matter of Minutes he created when the multiverse came since everything was unstable he was their to crash it when he was normal but his code became out dated and lost control.



It's like normal sans but has numbers everywhere It's jacket is a real blue-screen (so say if someone touched it they would be corrupted and killed)


IT doesn't really have one since the outdated code


he can kill or corrupted anything by one his bones or blasters


only Creator or Data can cure him by dating his coding and turning him normal



error is scared of blue ever since he turned his strings blue on his first encounter with IT then the second time he was nearly killed by IT.


ink was in total fear when he started breaking an AU when ink left he accidentally left his note book and his Brush witch got corrupted


he thought he was a sans wanna be so he tried to jab a bone at him but when he looked at Blue face to face he didn't leave from his room for days


IT killed papyrus when He tried to hit Blue but got corrupted by his jacket