Bright gaster also known as Brighty lives in the anti-void.


he wears a white cloak with no hoody black bones yellow glowing eyes black pupils and wears a sweater with dark gray surrounding his neck and the rest of his sweater is black


he is most of the time joyful and happy but when he is real he is not joking. He likes to hang around Rhosaith but makes sure she dose not see him . she has never seen him.


he has

  • yellow glowing bones.
  • yellow gaster blasters that shoots light that deals 5 damage per second and if hit blinds enemy's for 10 seconds.
  • he can teleport.
  • he can turn your soul yellow


  • he is weak against any black magic and darkness
  • cant see the color black
  • never fought before


Rhosaith :he has a small crush on her

Error404 Sans : he hates him mostly because he thinks error404 is trying to destroy the anti-void