Brinemare is the corrupted brother of Omneon. His power matches Omneon making him the most powerful villain in the entire multiverse. No one could never stand a chance against the Demon Of Pure iNSaNiTY. He also has an ability called iNSaNiTY. When iNSaNiTY activates, Brinemare can do literally anything without having to make sense while doing it. Only Brinemare can use iNSaNiTY. Brinemare's soul is called an ANTI-HYPER SOUL. It's just as powerful as a HYPER SOUL.

As of right now, Brinemare is Ȧ̸̖ ̷͖͈̞̰͐̔̅̇́͝L̶̮̠̰̗̱̞̗͑ ̸̨̹̪͍̃͜ͅǏ̴̞̪̞̜̪̗͕͆̂̉͋ ̷͓̼̬͙̊̏̔̀͛̇͝V̵̖̖͓̎̈́̃͐́̕̚ ̵̡̩̝͕̬́̉̓͂͜͠Ḛ̷̱͕̯̖̝͂ ̵̢͎͙̭̥̈́̾ͅ after being defeated by Omneon and then being sent to the void.

When he regained enough power he duplicated the AxeTale AU and made AxeMareTale, where he now rules supreme. He chose AxeTale because of the AU's chaos and The Hunger. However, he hasn't been effected by The Hunger. That's because he is immune to its effects. He can't be more corrupted than he already is. He is using the very existence of The Hunger to stay alive. He has promised that he will return and kill all who stands in his way. Brinemare's soul is made of the same substance that GlitchTale's HATE is made of.


iNSaNiTY: The ability to control and change reality at will. (Only Omneon isn't effected.)


TIME FREEZE: the ability to freeze an object's or character's time, making the frozen entity unable to move and use powers and/or abilities.

He is aware of the events of Underverse.

AxeMareTale is SAFE.