AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is NOT in any way a canonical character, I'm just posting my OC for the heck of it.


Cambria is the brother of Sans and Papyrus. His Soul is a fusion between a human and monster's soul. He is from an alternate timeline of Undertale, not an AU, but has knowledge of the AU's and can even travel to any of them at will. His timeline was forgotten for the most part. 


Cambria's height and age are halfway between his two brothers, but his powers are almost entirely the same as Sans. The only exception is his method of teleportation. Unlike Sans, who can seemingly teleport at will, Cambria has the ability to create, control and manipulate portals. He can use this to either transport himself, deflect or reflect enemy attacks or even send his own attacks into a bunch of portals, making him very unpredictable in battle. Because of his two-in-one Soul, he has very strong magical capabilities, although he doesn't use them unless he needs to. This magic allows him to interact with SAVE screens, even going so far as to destroy the protagonist's "Continue" button and leaving them only with the option to reset in a Genocide run. 

Cambria has a carefree, fun-loving personality. He is very energetic normally and he even gets hyperactive when he's excited. He enjoys music and is good friends with Napstablook. He introduces and refers to himself by his name, but will not object to people calling him Cam. This is mostly what Sans calls him, much like how he calls Papyrus "Paps" or "Papy". It is believed that Cambria has ADHD, which not only leads him to have a very short attention span but also causes him to talk to himself whenever he's by himself. 


Cambria wears a dark green hoodie, a light green t-shirt underneath it, dark blue tracksuit pants and green sneakers. He wears black headphones and, in a Genocide run, wears Papyrus' scarf around his neck. His t-shirt has a large pixelated skull on it. 


Cambria's backstory is a fairly sad one. When he was only 5 years old, he was used by Gaster as an experiment. He was injected with magic from the Kindness soul, which is why his soul is a fusion between human and monster. As he grew up, he never forgot what happened to him. Because of this, he has always hated Gaster.     


The Protagonist

Cambria is friends with the protagonist, but not as much as the other characters. He often refers to them as "Bud" or "Buddy", only using their name in serious moments. His friendship with the protagonist is mainly because of their friendship with Sans, as he mostly does not interact with them unless in a situation involving Sans.

In a Genocide Run, Cambria rarely appears. He introduces himself to the protagonist, but pauses halfway through his sentence before explaining that he "has work to do" and vanishing through a portal. If the protagonist kills Sans, Cambria appears and monologues, saying how disappointed he is and that he is "sure they would be friends in another timeline".


Cambria has a very close relationship with his older brother. The two share a love of puns and are rarely seen separated. Cambria acts as the energetic, adventurous side of the duo, while Sans is more lazy and often tells Cambria to "calm down and quit being so childish".

Despite pranking and messing with Sans, Cambria cares about him a lot. This is evidenced by his actions and words in a Genocide Run. During his monologue , he explains to the protagonist that Sans was "the one person he looked up to most" and even starts crying while asking why the protagonist killed him.


Cambria's relationship with Papyrus is not as strong as his relationship with Sans, but it is by no means non-existent. Cambria helps Papyrus with his puzzles, but mostly rigs or tampers with them in order to prank his brother. He enjoys messing with Papyrus, often trolling him on Undernet alongside Sans under the username "BoneheadNumber3".

In a Genocide Run, Cambria does not talk about Papyrus much. However, he does mention him at certain points.

"Y'know, if you asked me to choose a favourite out of Sans and Papyrus, I wouldn't be able to. But if you were to ask who I think someone would be less likely to kill, I would not hesitate to say the latter."
-Cambria during his fight


Due to his fondness of music, Cambria maintains a strong friendship with Napstablook. He often hangs out at Napstablook's house, which Sans explains is why he's out most of the time. He is impressed that Napstablook creates his own music, and has a fair amount of respect for the ghost because of this. If Napstablook's house is visited a second time, Cambria can be found lying on the floor listening to what is presumably Napstablook's music.


In Underfell, Cambria is completely different to his classic counterpart. He is stingy, selfish and arrogant. He isn't stupid because of this, though, he's actually extremely intelligent, much like classic Cambria. He is quick, both physically and mentally, and has always been able to think his way out of a bad situation. Even though he is incredibly strong with magic, he rarely ever uses it. His emotions are more subdued, as well. Unlike Sans, who will show his emotions if driven to an extreme and scares others with violence and a very in-your-face attitude, Cambria prefers "threatening subtlety", as he calls it.

Cambria runs a black market for EXP, LoVE and even Souls. He is business partners with Temmie and the two are good friends. Cambria does not sell his products for very high prices, seeing it more profitable to satisfy the customers with reasonable ones. However, if he isn't getting many customers, he will pay large monsters to beat up smaller ones so that they will want to buy EXP from him and get stronger magic. He is an expert when it comes to marketing tactics, and is extremely financially successful thanks to it. 

File:Underfell Cambria.JPG

Cambria wears a long, dark red coat and top hat of the same colour. He still wears a dark green t-shirt underneath, but he wears navy blue jeans instead of tracksuits. Instead of sneakers, he wears brown business shoes. He has a monocle on his left eye. His left pupil constantly glows red, but his left eye is always pitch-black. The pixelated skull on his t-shirt has X's for eyes. He also has a bright red bowtie. His teeth are sharp and pointy, much like his brothers. Much like Underswap Papyrus or Gaster Sans, he smokes seemingly for no reason. 

Cambria's prized possession is another monster/human fusion Soul, this one being red-rimmed instead of green. (Author's note: This soul looks like the window icon for this wikia, except upside down. His soul in both Underfell and Undertale is the same as that except with green instead of red) He keeps it in his coat pocket at all times, only taking it out whenever he wants to be threatening or if he just wants to look at it. In a Genocide run, he absorbs this soul, gains even more magical power and fights the protagonist. The first time he kills the protagonist, he absorbs their Determination, throws them into the Core and resets the timeline. 


The Protagonist

Cambria rarely ever interacts with the protagonist, only doing so if directly talked to. He rarely threatens the protagonist, claiming that "It's all for sh**s and giggles" if he does. Upon meeting the protagonist, he quickly nicknames them "Pipsqueak", calling them that for the rest of their journey. If he is interacted with once Sans has been befriended, he will congratulate the protagonist, saying that he underestimated how persuasive they are. If the protagonist dies 11 times, the text on the "GAME OVER" screen will change and the 'speaking' noise will be Cambria's instead of Asgore's.

"Jeez, pipsqueak, you sure are bad at this. Seems like you could benefit from some extra LV."
-Text on the 11th "GAME OVER" screen


Cambria constantly insults and mocks Sans. He often calls him a "pathetic waste of magic", even saying it directly to his face. Despite this, it is not rare to see the two in the same place at once. Sans does not appear to fear Cambria, as he insults him whether he is in the room or not.

Despite his exterior, Cambria does care about Sans. If Sans is killed, he becomes angry and tells the protagonist that "Just because it looked like I hated him doesn't mean I wanted him dead".


"You wanna know about Papyrus? Kid, there's nothing I can tell you about Papyrus other than that he's a self-absorbed idiot. You'd think I respect him for being Captain of the Royal Guard, but I'm just shocked someone as stupid as him managed to even survive to adulthood."
-Cambria if "Papyrus" is selected in the "Talk" option at his shop

Cambria rarely speaks about Papyrus. He considers him "too moronic to waste words on", not caring if Papyrus hears him saying this or not. Papyrus despises Cambria for being more successful than him, a fact that Cambria finds great enjoyment over teasing Papyrus about. Cambria does not directly mention Papyrus at all in a Genocide Run, only ever hinting at him once.

"I understand why you killed everyone else, but you must REALLY feel nothing if you didn't even spare the one monster who took pity on you. No, of course I'm not talking about the flower!"
-Cambria during his fight


Temmie is Cambria's business partner and good friend. The two often compare their sales and argue about who's more successful, but this is most likely just for laughs. They share a mutual respect for each other, although Temmie seems to have more respect for Cambria than Cambria has for Temmie.

"Huh? Cambria? Well, besides being a marketing genius, he's the only one in the whole damn Underground who deserves any respect. I mean, his brother is a known idiot and yet he's still the most successful guy in this hellhole. I'd say that's an accomplishment worth taking notice of."
-Temmie when "Cambria" is selected in the "Talk" option at her shop

Underscape (my own AU)

In Underscape, Cambria is the leader of a group of rogues called the Shadowfrost Assassins. Cambria isn't necessarily strong, but he more than makes up for it in agility, strategic and tactical skills and incredible leadership qualities. He can easily quickly identify an enemy's strengths and weaknesses and use them to his own advantage. He is insanely acrobatic in battle. Despite preferring stealth over straight-up combat, he is more than capable of taking down multiple opponents at once, flipping and spinning all over the place as he does so. Being an assassin, he has extreme parkour/freerunning skills and can also run faster than a regular human/monster. Cambria is quite tall, standing a head taller than Frisk and Sans, who are the same height in Underscape.

Cambria usually wears a mask, hiding his emotions. However, in a battle or ambush, he can be either pumped up and excited or serious. He, along with the rest of the assassins, does not serve Asgore. They live by themselves in Snowhelm (explained in the Underscape page). He is not a very openly emotional person, tending to be quite reclusive. He often runs off somewhere to be by himself for a while. He treats every other assassin in the group as equals, despite being their nominated leader. He never asked to be the leader, the others just distinguished him as the best one for the job.

File:Underscape Cambria.JPG

Cambria wears a dark green cloak with a skull and crossbones on the hood. His t-shirt is replaced by a black and gold shirt and he wears a brown belt. He wears dark blue trousers and brown boots, also with the skull and crossbones on them. He mostly wears a silver skull mask with a telescopic eyepiece in the left eye.



Cambria's relationship with Frisk is questionable. Frisk slightly likes him, but aside from the occasional hint, he doesn't show anything more than friendship towards her. It's debatable whether he likes her as well or not, but it's entirely possible. Sans seems to think that he does, but it is not confirmed.


Sans is Cambria's brother, so he has a closer relationship with him than mostly anyone else. Sans is the head scout, sentry and tracker for the Shadowfrost Assassins and Cambria trusts him completely. Sans is not the second-in-command, since all of the assassins are pretty much equals, but Cambria does leave him in charge if he has to go somewhere. He cares a lot about Sans, as he will risk a lot if it means making sure his brother gets out of somewhere alive.


Cambria rarely mentions Papyrus, considering him "one of them, not one of us." Since Papyrus is a member of the Rainfall Pirates, Cambria treats him like the rest of them. He does care about him, though, as he will protect him if he can. When the Rainfall Pirates and the Shadowfall Assassins fight as allies, it isn't uncommon for Cambria and Sans to fight alongside Papyrus more than the other pirates.

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