Eanaro is an AU character exclusive to Undertale DDD (Distorted, Distinctive Destiny). He appears to be a mysterious entity that works under 'The System', and as such guides The Human through the basics of the world they reside within, in order to ensure they are fully capable of handling the challenges that lie beyond.

Story - Episode 0

After the human seemingly loses their memory regarding who they are, where they are and why they're here, they are welcomed to a strange, esoteric environment consisting of binary numbers roaming about in a seemingly endless void. Eanaro then appears before the disoriented human and introduces himself, as well as stating the current circumstances at hand - pointing out the fact that The Human now resides within a distorted timeline with the overworld completely gone, leaving what appears to be binary code roaming around. Eanaro then brings attention to the human's amnesia and states it to be a problem, given the circumstances of the world which requires The Human's proper guidance - which cannot be achieved with The Human's current state. As such, Eanaro takes the initiative to tutor The Human in the fundamental rules and laws that the world works upon.

After the fight, Eanaro becomes convinced of The Human's ability to manage and survive on their own. As such, he leaves things there and ceases to challenge their strength any further. Eanaro then proceeds to show the human one last thing before finally parting ways. Eanaro then presents a line of panels consisting of pictures of the monsters The Human will have to face. Eanaro explains that these panels are 'events' that allow The Human to access the world and its corresponding scenario. Eanaro then makes note of another type of event called 'distortion events' - a scenario that happens at random and with unexpected results. Afterwards, Eanaro bids the Human farewell and leaves, assuring The Human that they may meet again.

Story - Episode 3.5

Eanaro makes a brief cameo during the opening cutscene. He converses with a mysterious figure named Gaster, regarding the current circumstances of being stranded in an unstable timeline, along with the continuous suffering they have been enduring thus far. After a while, Gaster picks up The Human's presence and advises Eanaro to leave. Eanaro then bids Gaster good luck, before leaving.


Eanaro appears to possess the ability to switch The Human's SOUL mode. From the usual Red SOUL mode, he's been shown to change The Human's SOUL to Blue, Green, Purple and Yellow. Eanaro also possesses the ability to use Orange and Light Blue attacks as well. In summary, he has command over all of the game's core mechanics in terms of attacks. He's also been shown to sustain the ability to levitate. Eanaro possesses 8 mysterious orbs that he summons during the final waves of his fight. These orbs contain all seven colors that the seven human souls retain - plus one more: White. As of now, these orbs have only spawned bullets and nothing more.


The only notable weakness Eanaro has thus far, is the fact that his means of attack depends on the system's current status. As he attacks The Human more vigorously, the system grows in its instability, until finally it overworks itself - sending it into recovery mode and inhibiting Eanaro's will to fight.

As of now, Eanaro can't get hurt, so the extent of his durability remains a mystery, till otherwise. As a matter of fact, all of Eanaro's stats register as a '???' and are unknown to the player. If one were to gauge his strength upon how much damage he does in the tutorial stage however, one could say his attack power is quite weak. However, given that his role is to tutor The Human and given that he's chronologically the first boss to confront The Human, Eanaro could simply be holding back. In summary, the extent to his power remains vague.


From what can be seen from his silhouette, Eanaro appears to be a human, sporting a coat/ jacket and pants. In battle, he wears a cape.


The Human/ Chara

Eanaro simply guides The Human through various waves of obstacles and attacks in order to educate them about the world's core mechanics, as well as test their limits to see if they're fully capable of handling the potential dangers that lie beyond.


Eanaro appeared to have conversed with Gaster regarding the circumstances of their distorted world. Other then that, not much is known regarding the extent to Eanaro's relation with Gaster. They appear to be on friendly terms however, as indicated by their conversation and farewell remarks.


  • Eanaro (2nd phase) sports names for the attacks that he uses. This is a reference to the Touhou series - as bosses within Touhou use names to identify their attacks, in the form of 'Spell Cards'.
  • According to Theking35, the 8 orbs that he uses, along with the chinese characters labelled on them, are supposed to resemble the Trigram.
    • As quoted from Theking35: "Each orb colour has different properties; different types of attacks/ patterns (although, they can still fire the same type of attacks and pattern, as shown in the second-to-last attack). I decided to also associate these parts of the trigram with the colours of the 7 human traits. (the eighth colour being white, which uses the Monster SOUL colour).
      Red [Determination] = Fire
      Orange [Bravery] = Wind/ Wood
      Yellow [Justice] = Earth Green [Kindness] = Thunder
      Light Blue [Patience] = Lake
      Dark Blue [Integrity] = Water
      Purple [Perseverance] = Mountain
      White [??? (Colour of the monster SOUL)] = Heaven"
  • Most of Eanaro's attacks (2nd phase) has references to the seven SOULs and their traits. As such, the attacks used and/ or SOUL mode used reflect this.
    • "Balance of Bravery and Patience" - Bravery, Patience (Uses Orange and Blue Attacks)
    • "Fair Harmony, United Wholeness" - Integrity (Uses blue SOUL mode)
    • "Unwavering Kindness" - Kindness (Uses green SOUL mode)
    • "Persistent Rift of Possibilities" - Perseverance (Uses purple SOUL mode)
    • "Equilibrium of Righteousness" - Justice (Uses yellow SOUL mode)
  • When defeated, the screen is engulfed in light, followed with an explosion sound. This is yet another reference to Touhou Project, as bosses defeated in that game explode into light - accompanied with an iconic explosion sound.