Scora in this AU is very perverted.



She, like everyone else in Lustreverse, is ambitious. She would do anything to get in the protagonist's pants. She works at Catty's Strip Club on weekends. She is lazy and sleepy, often falling asleep during work. She is also a hardened alcoholic.


She has purple skin and lavender hair, her hair extends to her elbows. Her schlera's are black and her pupils are pink. She often wears red lipstick.

She wears a sleeveless pink vest with seafoam green fur around the neck and the bottom. She wears a black tank top, with her stomach exposed. This tank top has a mint green heart on it. She wears black pants with several gold belts, and seafoam green boots. She also wears green fingerless gloves and several multicoloured bracelets on both arms. She has a gold ring with an emerald on it on her left ring finger.