"Hello... It's been awhile. Since you came through like you owned the Underground, and killed everyone... Undyne managed to save a few, and those few elected her as Queen. Heh... But... Asgore, Papyrus, Sans, Alphys, Napstaton, Toriel and Temmie... They and others are all dead because of you. If you come here again, you will pay. "

– Scora, in the hacked Genocide Ending

"I'm normally the one that won't intervene, but... Since you've generated genocide, I'll have no choice."
– Scora before her battle

Scora is a monster hybrid.



Scora has a temper, though it's often seen through her tears. She often has emotional breakdowns. She knows about what happened with the protagonist and monsters in the previous Genocide Run, but is less "into it".


She lost her parents during the war with the humans, and has attempted to bring them back, but was scarred for life because of an error she made.

Main storyEdit

Pacifist RouteEdit

She will become more friendly and social in the epilogue of a True Pacifist.

Genocide RouteEdit

She will appear at the end instead of Sans, if the game is hacked. She will talk to the protagonist before fading away.


She has an appearance similar to her Undertale counterpart. She has two eyes and four arms. The sclera of her eye is black while the pupil and iris are red. She has purple skin and lavander hair that barwly touches her fingertips.

She wears a yellow bloodstained hoodie, grey shorts and black boots. She has bandages on her chest and stomach, indicating where she was stabbed.