Scora is a monster hybrid. She is a Sentry in various places and a close friend to Grillby and Alphys.



She is very lazy, and will often fall asleep during work, much to the behest of Grillby. Despite her laziness, she is very observant. If Cameron kills Grillby, she'll proceed to watch her. She hates making promises. She also like whipped cream.


She has an appearance similar to that of her Undertale counterpart, the only difference is that she only has two arms instead of four. She has lavender hair, purple skin and red pupils with black schlera's. She often wears her hair down or in a messy ponytail. Her hair reaches her calves, because she states she's "too lazy to cut it".

She often wears a black hoodie with a pink T-shirt/sweater under it, black shorts with pink stripes on the sides, her shorts reach her knees, and red sneakers/slippers.