Scora is the Swaprole version of her Rolereverse counterpart.



She is confident, excitable and cocky. She'd do anything to see a human. Despite her brash behaviour, she is kind at heart. She can't teleport or use Gaster Blasters, but she has enhanced speed and endurance. She enjoys cooking, namely pizza, and the taste is indescribable.


Her appearance is similar to that of her Rolereverse counterpart. Her skin is purple and her hair is lilac. She has baby blue pupils and black scleras. Her hair reaches her middle back, since she often keeps it cut.

She wears a pink T-shirt with yellow around the cuffs of the sleeves, grey pants and hot pink gloves, boots and scarf. During the date with her, she's wearing a pink T-shirt that reads "Cutie", a hot pink skirt, red sneakers and white knee socks. After the date with Mettaton, she's seen in a pink shirt that says "Jogger", hot pink shorts, and her regular scarf, boots and gloves.