Farah is an alternate version of Frisk from the universe, Synnotale. 


Farah completed a True Pacifist Run and brought monsters to the surface after she RESET from her previous genocide run. Her resetting more than once made the universe's timeline a little unstable, and the characters became sort of glitchy. After Farah's third reset, Synno!Sans warned her that if she reset again, then the timeline might collapse. This moved Farah to do a True Pacifist Run, so that she wouldn't have to reset the timeline again and risk the chance of collapsing it. After a few years of living with monsters on the surface, Farah discovered a way to get into her game file's source code, and as a result, was able to play around with glitches and errors. Her having access to her game file's source code meant that she had complete control over what went on in her universe, and that she could make any character do whatever she pleased. After months of having this complete control, more glitches and errors than had been present before began appearing in the universe. One of these glitches affected a character's appearance in a universe. Because of this, the characters in Synnotale began to look completely different from normal characters. These affected characters began to have an excess of black in their clothing, and depending on the glitch, different colored stripes. This glitch eventually affected all of the characters in Synnotale, and after a while, Sans became suspicious of her actions. However, his glitch along with many others, and Sans' constant warning and advising didn't stop Farah from messing around with her source code. After a while of playing around, Farah discovered different types of source code "strings", which are letters typed into a game file;s source code to carry out a certain action. These strings triggered different events in the universe, with some events being more impacting than others. Slomething like this had the ability to completely change an entire universe forever. Farah, out of curiosity, typed the string, FFR.VOID.EXE, but wasn't aware of the horrible impact that this would have on her universe. As a result, the entire universe's code began to delete itself, and piece by piece, the universe began to collapse. Farah, in panic, went to Sans to beg for his help, but didn't know that he was actually hunting her down to take her soul. He refused to help her, and instead, killed her and took her soul to have complete control over the universe. When it collapsed, everyone in the universe was killed, but Sans, thanks to the power of Farah's soul, was able to escape.


Farah was a very curious girl who was fascinated with hacking, source codes, and using codes to manipulate events in a timeline. She was also very exciteable, and loved to do things with her friends. She enjoyed throwing parties, playing pranks, and making friends. She also showed a special love for sour candy. Despite her intense love for her friends, she allowed curiosity and selfishness to consume her when she discovered her ability to control the timeline, and this selfishness was the reason for her  and her friends' death.

Physical Description

Farah looks very similiar to Frisk, with minor differences in that she wears a headband, her sweater is inverted (meaning that instead of blue with pink stripes, her sweater is pink with blue stripes), and her eyes are sometimes seen open.

Powers and Abilities

Farah had the ability to use her game file's source code to control her timeline, however, she lost this ability to Sans after he killed her and took her soul. Farah can also travel to other universes.


Farah's curiosity is her main weakness. This curiosity led her to accidentally destroy her own universe.