Fate Sans


Fate Sans origins were quite unknown the only thing i can tell you is that they existed before there was even a multiverse. Unlike King Multiverse who decides the fate of the multiverse, Fate CREATES IT and it's their true purpose.



They wear the same cloak as the Riverperson's cause they sometimes like to pretend to be them just to check the code of an AU and they use the hood to hide their face all the time and wouldn't take it off for some reason.


They are the most unpredictable person you will ever meet. They would act completely childish and excited for one moment then be calm and mature the next and the cycle continues. Basically they are very unpredictable.


  • Fate is actually a good baker and would bake with Alter Sans sometimes
  • Ink and Fate would sometimes hang out and exchange ideas for a new AU
  • Fate would bake king multiverse some cakes and have tea with him talking, arguing and deciding on the fate of the multiverse 
  • Fate and Error would knit together and watch undernovela (they are mutual friends)
  • Fate lives in a void full of paper containing in them are the fates of every single person in the multiverse so basically the void they live in was very full of papers 
  • Fate sometime teaches Delta Sans on fighting and universe navigation 
  • Classic Sans had one time seen their face and describe it to be "they were a skeleton that look just like himself but with a few different features and circular markings" 

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