Genny, or The Big Bad Wolf, is a member of the Royal Guard. Despite her youth, she is one of the strongest members.


She is cocky and eccentric, often overdoing her enthusiasm. She is also slightly erratic, and jumps to conclusions about humans, much like Undyne.

She often motivates and humors, mostly with insults. She also adores puns. She is also forgetful.

She has a fondness for Crab Apples and Glamburgers.


She commonly wears a blue T-shirt, a red sleeveless vest, jeans and black sneakers. She is 12 years old, and 7 inches taller than Sans. Her "hair" is down to her shoulders.

In her Royal Guard outfit, she wears a white cloak with the Delta Rune engraved in black, a grey skirt, black knee high boots, and a grey tank top. Despite her weak armour, she is incerdibly tough and has quick reflexes, similar to Sans. She has to dodge attacks because of her low HP.

Her common weapon is a bow and arrow, and she is left-handed.


Her uncle fought in the war against humans and monsters, but was killed on site. At this time, she wasn't even one year old. She only remembers her uncle through photo albums. She has sworn vengeance on the humans, but will only truly strike during a near-genocide route, and to trigger her battle, the player must have to spare Monster Kid, thwarting the Undyne the Undying battle, otherwise she will hide in True Lab with the other NPCs.


  • She does not have a crush, but has stated, "If I had to have a crush, it'd be Sans."
  • Despite her low HP, she has high ATK.
  • She was accepted into the Royal Guard because she, unlike Papyrus, will fight if she needs to.
  • There's a possibility the "G" phone number is hers, as her name begins with "G".
  • She is unaware of SAVEs and RESETs, but is knowledgeable about what happened to Gaster.
  • She can only be fought in a near-genocide route, if the protagonist returns to Snowdin and heads up to where the River Person waits, but the River Person cannot be there to initiate battle with her.


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