Please Don't make me Kill you....

AU basics

Made in an AU where Error had come and destroyed everything and everyone they love, the Sans from this AU, Undertale 2.0, had to stop him, but failed. Instead of killing him, error decided it to be more fun if he let sans have a taste of his power, and, instead of giving him just a little, sans 2.0 took all his power. Afterwords, sans 2.0 slowly started to grow insane up until the point of ripping himself in half, which ended with their now being 2 new Sanses: one corrupted and the other pure.

The other in the pair is Negative.


Glitch is a skeleton that looks like a regular sans except like UnderFell enjoys show his glowing eye more which is purple. He is shy and has a hard time making friends which is why he sticks around his family more. His mouth has razor sharp teeth. When he opens his mouth wide enough, it will fire like a Gaster Blaster. However, he normally hides his mouth with his scarf, even when talking.


Enjoys having fun and making new friends even though he's terrible at making them. being the god of resurrection makes him naturally love to bring things to life in his realm which is called the Living Zone. There he can bring however many things he likes. He also loves watching ink draw. Also when Glitch is super depressed all the plants or flowers around him will begin to wilt.


Heart Attack:

Template:Infobox in battleDamage 190,180: An attack that affects the opponent's Soul. Once this attack is used it will combine the user and the opponent's souls as one until 10 whole turns have passed. Note this is a risky move, especially when you hp is -1.

Gaster Blaster + Mouth = Gasp Blaster:

Damage 980 + Karma = 30,000: an attack physical implemented into Glitch, Glitch can use this attack at will, but at a cost since it is apart of his body. It takes power from his soul instead of his magic. When used too much, Glitch faints, leaving him helpless.


Glitch has an ability that he uses to end a fight its a trump card, but a dangerous one. He only uses it if he really needs to and when used to much he faints and falls to the ground leaving him helpless and open for an attack.