Gristal is a human, adopted by the family of Sans and papyrus, became Royal Guard, and later, after a month of disappearance, acquired a very strange form, and knowledge superior to the normal. Thus he became a royal scientist alongside Alphys, in order to help him, while keeping his royal guard position unparalleled.

Gristal and Gastal?

Gastal, having at the base for name, Gristal, is the transformation of Gristal in a more "monstrous" form. In no case will this one accept the pseudonym of Gristal but only Gastal. In reality, this phenomenon is due to the fact that the being of Gaster is unconsciously mixed with that of Gristal, changing a little general personality, but still remaining the same person as before. It becomes however smaller in appearance from its back bending, and shows its body under no pretext. The most blatant difference and the ability to analyze and intelligence as well as force between the two forms.


Gristal is a young human ... Despite him, extremely nice with the people of his entourage. No one is angry after crossing him, he performs every single spot of the daily, without being stressed, despite all the work he has behind, which he allowed him to become friend with, Undyne, Alphys, Mettaton, Toriel, Muffy, and all the other monsters of The Underground.

In his entry into the Royal Guard, thanks to Red, the canine unit, but mainly Undyne, he began his exploits by stopping all criminals with a magic identical to those of Sans and papyrus, coming from no one knows where.

Gristal has also since returned from a disappearance that lasted three months a second form, much more powerful than its original form. When he transformed, no one succeeded in calling him GRISTAL, but he only accepted the name GASTAL, as if it were another person, although he still had the same knowledge as his original form.


Gristal measured within 1 meter 75, he was 16 years old. He has hair of a gold hue, just like his eyes, illuminating when he is irritated, and even more in his form of "monster". In its original form, it has a path and a black jeans, and white shoes. A skin color can-ready beige. In his monstrous form, he possesses a great black outfit, which conceals his hands, and his legs. Her hair becomes darker, and his mouth looks like a big empty smile, which can never fade, even under the greatest rage, only his eyes indicate his mood.

" You remind me of someone, Grigri."

-What said Sans a few minutes after meeting Gristal.


Gristal is surely one of the wisest, nice, and respected people of the Underground. He never wants to use the violence and the magic he got in an unknown way except in the important fights. He helps all the people he crosses, even for trifles, like packing for a Christmas present, and he likes it very much. He cannot spend a day without talking to his brothers, without and papyrus, and most importantly, he cannot bear to be scratched one of them. If Gristal sees someone touched without or papyrus, this person is immediately condemned to live the worst time of his life.

Gristal is also the type of person to be pursued by the girls of his entourage for his gentlemanly attitude, which launched a battle between him and without whom will receive the most love letters is the most popular of the family. The fight is still underway.


Sans : 332 + 1

Gristal : 333

PS: If you put a cookie in front of him, even at 1 km distance, you will never see a cookie again, he will be sucked into the depths of his soul so he is mad.

Soul will

The soul will is a very special soul of which Gristal happens to be the possessor. It is a golden soul, which is one of the only ones to overcome determination. Its usefulness is simple, man does not possess determination, but desires. In other baths, all that he wants, with Asse of will, is fulfilled, no matter the cases, except if a soul, the soul determination, possesses a force greater than the soul will. The soul will be a soul, which is just like the soul determination, able to create its own buttons, with asse of energy. As the determination is able to create the SAVE button, Gristal to him for example in neutral route, managed to create the KILL button. A button that, knowing that Gristal wants to kill the human, appears, according to his desires.


KILL Button of Gristal

The only problem is that the will is double-edged. If a force is seen superior by a few fingers to the will, it falls back to the lowest. As in the end genocide, when none of the human blows reached Gristal, a few laps before the end, the determination takes over, which makes the will of Gristal totally exhausted, which makes him lose his strength, and takes a decisive blow. His will would go up a bit, during his special attack and a last extremely powerful attack, but that's it. He won't be able to attack after. One last blow, and the human kills Gristal, at the end of the genocide.



Gristal lived at the base in a small village, quiet, but, not in a magical period, but in a time of war. The men were wreaking havoc between them, many people would die. One day, an enemy assault took place in his city. Almost the entire city was reduced to dust.

He fled then on Mt. Ebott, in the back of society, in the forests of this mountain. But one day, by accident, caused by a landslide made him fail in "HOME" (The Ruins). where he met Toriel. After leaving the ruins, having already befriended Toriel, he met without and papyrus.

Sans to calm the ardors of papyrus, which was very young at that time, lied, and say that Gristal was a special monster. Papyrus believed him immediately. As Gristal had not particularly wanted to leave the Underground, it was hosted by Sans and papyrus, quickly linking with them, and more, of brotherhood, considering them then as his own adoptive brethren, and it was reciprocal for without and Papyrus. It was also Gristal, who taught papyrus to make good traps. P---👍⚐👎☜💧❄⚐🏱

☜☠❄☼✡ ☠🕆💣👌☜☼ 🗏🗏🗏

""I recently learned that a human had crossed the threshold of Snowdin. With very bad news. According to sources, papyrus, would have been killed by this human ... I ... I can't believe it. .. Without seemingly vanished. I hope he's okay. I have to go tell it to Asgore, and as soon as possible. And after that, I'll personally take care of the case of this human swelling. And would make him regret his actions. With the help of the powers I got, thanks to W.D""

Main Story

After the road genocide (Final Fight)

Gristal attack Frisk just after she came into contact with Chara. Knocking him out with a blaster of his creation, and so the fight begins. Initially, Gristal does not fully control his strength, and is made to have a sewing dish, but as a human being, having a very special soul, he uses his determination to avenge his friends, mainly his two brothers, papyrus and without, also using the power of W.D.

There are several small ends. The classic end, or the human gets to defeat Gristal, and this one flies away in dust, after warning you that it would happen, fighting to the end. Never let loose.

There is also the "neutral" end, or you listen to the requests for Gristal and RESET. There are several kinds of RESET. Either, the human reset from the start of the fight, which will be chained by his death, before reset. Then, during the moment or Gristal you save, or you can RESET, but will kill the human still in the end, out of hatred towards the human. And in the last case, after listening to Gristal, a few laps before his special attack, the human helps Gristal by trying to comfort him, telling him that he will see everyone again, and that she is going to RESET for him. This time, Gristal saves the human without killing her, for her kindness.

But of course, behind this neutral end (the last case) hides another small end, if the human decides to make the traitor. The human attack Gristal, which once again causes a MISS. Gristal no longer has any confidence in the human, and you kill on the field, taking him for a traitor.


"The Perfect Glentleman" : It is its basic form. Basic and non-aggressive air. He'll try not to fight too much. This is what he is at the beginning of the fight against him in neutral / pacifist (combat under development).

"Gristal Royal Guardian" : When he is sure to want to fight, always in his human form, he will activate his left eye and increase his power. He will attack without respite, leaving no room for pity. Half his face is hidden by a shadow, only his eyes are perceptible. He uses this form either in his Royal guard missions or in other random fights. (example, the second part of the neutral road combat [ongoing development])

"Gastal" : its form after transformation. This is the form it uses when it is in rage, for example in the genocide route. Its strength is tenfold, only one attack is capable of killing you.

Direct Link

Youtube Video FIGHT Gristal [Génocide Run] :

Youtube Video FIGHT Gristal [Pacifist] : Under development.

Youtube Video FIGHT Gristal [Neutral Run] : Under development.


Sans (Brother)

Papyrus (Brother)

W.D Gaster (???)

Undyne (Teacher / Friend)

Alphys (Colleague / Friend)

Red (Good friends / Co-workers)

Royal Guard (Good friends / Co-workers)

Family Blook (Excellent friends)

Résumé Français du Personnage [French] [FR]

Gristal est un humain tombé il y a un petit moment dans l'Underground. Après être sortis des ruines, comme chaque humain, il fut recueillit par Sans et Papyrus. Papyrus, lui, ayant toujours cru que Gristal était un monstre, d'après l'avis de Sans, comme il n'était encore qu'un enfant. A force de vivre avec, Gristal se sentit bien, et les considéras comme ses frères, et c'était réciproque pour les squelettes. Ils s'amusaient, travaillaient, cuisinaient, regarder des films, tous ensembles.

Un jour, Gristal entra dans la Garde Royale, grâce à Red, une fille qu'il avait rencontré, ils étaient devenus de bons amis, qu'il avait d'ailleurs découverts grâce à la Famille Blook, qui étaient des amis hors pair. Pas une seule journée sans que Gristal passe bonjour à la famille. Même MadDummy [Ragequin] l’appréciait.

Il passa aussi du temps avec Alphys, et fut fasciné par ses machines. Il décida d'en apprendre plus, en devenant Assistant, et grâce à ses connaissances d'humain, monta très vite en temps que Collaborateur Scientifique Royal. Il découvrit juste après sa promotion la Salle Secrète de Sans, qui lui avait donné les clefs, pour y travailler. Il y découvrit aussi des dossiers secret sur un certain W.D, qu'il observa de plus prêt.

Avançant lentement dans ses recherches, passant d'ailleurs par le Secret Lab, tout cela le ramena jusqu'aux CORE. Le Lendemain, plus aucune trace de Gristal. Il avait totalement disparu. Les gens l'avaient même oubliés pendant ce laps de temps, jusqu’à ce qu'il revienne un mois plus tard, sans que personne ne se rende compte qu'il avait disparu. Il pouvait obtenir une forme étrange s'il utilisait sa magie, comme une sorte de Squelette, mais toujours son apparence humaine, enfin, cela est très dur à décrire. Il avait notamment obtenu sans aucune raison identifiée une magie quasi identique à celle de Sans et Papyrus, qu'il développa avec des machines avec le temps, afin de le rendre plus fort et différents, bien que cela le faisait souffrir, il voulait protéger Sans et Papyrus.

Route Neutre / Pacifiste [FR]

Gristal se trouve dans une salle secrète du CORE ou il travail, entouré de machines différentes. S'il vous voit, il vous attaqueras, sachant qu'il est un membre de la Garde Royale. Il disparait de cette salle en run génocide, qui est totalement détruite.

Route Génocide [FR]

Gristal attaque l'humain alors qu'il/elle communique avec Chara. Il déclenche immédiatement un combat, qui commencera par sa mort lamentable, mais se poursuivra par un déchainement de magie intense pendant très longtemps, et très dur à parer.


-Citation de Gristal, juste après sa première mort, en Génocide.

Affiliations / Relations

Sans (Frère Adoptif)

Papyrus (Frère Adoptif)

Gaster (???)

Red (Très bon amis)

La Famille Blook (Excellents amis)

Alphys (Collègue de Travail / Amie)

Undyne (Collègue de Travail / Amie)





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Grnocide Gristal V Humain / Monster


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