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Still a WIP. If anyone knows the original creator, please tell me.


Hacker!Sans can hack into AUs/characters and change their looks, thoughts, friends and enemies. This enables him to change things to how he wants it, gather info, or destroy an AU/character he dislikes.


He is friends with Error, helping him destroy AUs. He also hangs out with Nightmare, similarly helping him.

His mortal enemy is Protector!Asriel; they directly counteract each other. They have been known to team up in life-or-death situations, however.


  • He has hacked 3 AUs so far.
  • His SOUL is glitched, resulting in unpredictable ATK and incredibly high DEF. However, his glitched SOUL had no impact on his HP, which remains at 1.
  • His only attack is the Hack Blasters; he keeps two around him at all times, similar to how Lost!Sans has two sentient gaster blasters named Red and Blue around at all times.
  • He doesn't really know anyone EXCEPT Error and Nightmare that he actually likes. Even most destroyers make his bad list.