Humaslime (or called The Humaslime, Amalgahuman or simply "him") is an amalgamate demon born in an unknown place (supposed to be a lab). It (or he) was born/created with the purpose of trying to stop viruses and glitches (per example, The Curse) from destroying everything.



It/His name is originated from the words "Human" and  "Slime". The slime part is due to being originally a slime before taking the current form.


He looks similar to AD. Has red eyes, six armss, grey wrings and what it looks to be a SOUL being drained out. One of his legs is replaced with a bone. Most of his articulations are covered in blood. In his early stages, he was just a living blob of slime.


He can be unstable at times. In his early stages, he had no personality. Upon earning a SOUL, he gained emotions and  feelings. He still tries hard to fully control them.


Most of his powers are unknown, but he is known to hunt people. Upon reaching them, they began to drain their SOUL and consume it. He lives by the energy contained in SOULs, and without it, he will die. Since he was "born", he only got one soul, and is still lasting.


However, the energy doesn't last forever, and the SOUL (and him) will began dying once all energy is wasted.


None for now.....