This AU and its OCs are based on past, unfortunate, events involving several people. Thankfully the people of this Wiki could stop what was going on before it went to far. Anyhow this will involve details of the event, but to keep sure no hate is spreaded to anyone, i refuse to name anyone from the situation. for those of you who were there and know who i am talking about please do not give out names or hate as the situation is behind us and i, personally, have no grudge against this person. Thank you all for understanding and have a nice day!~

Lucario the Skeleton02

Lucario the Skeleton 02 is an alternate version of Lucario the Skeleton born from a very strange event. (See Story) He is a creature now blocked from the multiverse, residing in the Block Demension. (WIP)




Lucario02 is much the same as the original except for two things. He has gained Red eyes that limit his sight greatly. But the main change are small "Block Symbols" That limit his movement, hearing, sight, and near all other functions. If he were to try to touch something (an apple per say) A symbol would appear, zapping him and never allowing contact. If he were to try to speak with someone, a symbol would appear over his mouth, emitting a sound identical to a "Censor Bleep".


(02 is unable to attack anyone but is instead able to defend, and stun quite impressevly)

  • Blocker Blaster *fires a red beam that does no damage, but can temporly paralize an oppenet*
  • Block Wall *Summon a large Block Symbol to protect him and others from attacks*
  • Censor Scream *Screams at the top of his lungs to cause the Censor Bleep to reach ear peircing levels*

Base Credit : Lucario the Skeleton Base