Mae is Createsans's Swapfell persona.

"She's, like, agressively nice." -Asriel talking about Mae



She absolutely adores her adoptive brothers, tacos and humans. Once she meets the protagonist, she instantly wants to be their friend. Despite being in the "Fell" franchise, she is nice. Monsters describe her as being "Aggressively nice". She states that she's Chaotic Good.


She has white bones and no hair. Her left eye is a white heart, but her right eye contains the shattered soul fragment of a true monster. Her fingers levitate over her actual hand.

She wears a light lavender crop top, that has no straps or sleeves, and has a skirt matching in colour. She has two belts, one of which is an orange ribbon belt and the other is a slanted teal belt with gold spikes. She wears dark green fingerless gloves and tea green boots with dark green soles.