Omneon is one the creators of the SoulTraits AU. He is more powerful than Asriel Dreemurr's Hyperdeath form and could easily take down any being who stands in his way. This is because Omneon represents all of the good and pure in the multiverse. His soul is called a HYPER SOUL. HYPER SOULS are souls that are a fusion of 8 souls. The only one who can defeat Omneon is Brinemare, Omneon's corrupted brother.

Omneon was created by the remains of HUMANS and MONSTERS who had a pure heart. He wanted to make his own universe because he didn't belong in any other one. So then he made SoulTraits.

Like InkSans, Omneon is a protector of AUs exept he handles much greater threats.

He is aware of the events of Underverse.

SoulTraits is SAFE.