The Concept

The concept is somewhat simple. Maybe. S.T mocks mary sues by being an OC with extremely overpowered abilities and an extremely annoying personality, yet has an long and intricate storyline, which is also cliched. This does technically make S.T a joke OC. However this does not support the mentality that by calling your OC "ironic" you get a get-out-of-jail-free-card for overusing cliches, and creating a badly written story (Unless it's a shitpost).

Minor Description

S.T is a half-OC, as she was part of the AU MV-Tale for a large portion of her backstory/storyline. She is a semi-well known Out-Code hacker with a reputation on the Undertale AU Wiki. She was originally posted on the Undertale AU Wiki in October of 2016.  

 The Generations

A "Generation of S.T" is every time S.T's SOUL is reset (an example is when she dies and is revived by someone else. She is referred to as a "she" on this page as the current Generation is female, although most generations are male. Each Generation treats the previous Generation before them as a seperate person (which is great for denial). S.T stands for "Subject Ten".

An examination of cliches in OCs

Each Generation is slightly similar to certain groups of OCs/AUs who all share a similar overused theme, idea, or plot/backstory

Gen 1

Cliche: Based around OCs or AUs who explain an interpretation of Sans and Papyrus's backstory that is usually more dark and centered around Gaster's supposed role as a scientist. (Said AUs/OCs are usually also based around the AU Wingdings.)

Title among other Generations:  The Conjoined

The conjoined twins, S.T & S.K,  were raised and trained in Elizabeth the 1st's lbabs specially designed for SOUL experimentation on the island of Gam. They displayed a unique way of communication and rarely spoke to each other, rather, they used a series of hand motions and face expressions to express a matter in the few situations that they needed to communicate through visual cues.

Gen 2

Cliche: Based around edgy Chara OCs that misunderstand the original point of Chara, as Gen 2 is simply a child who is obsessed with murder.

Title among other Generations: The New Child

Gen 2 helped Subject Five and Subject Six escape the lab they were kept in, and murdered the other 7 Subjects. Think of a edgy pre-teen except lacking a conscience and ten times the edginess. They were killed by an enemy that is otherwise unimportant to the storyline.

Gen 3

Cliche: This Generation was created more as a filler Generation for plot reasons, but if you see a cliche in Gen 3, please tell me in the comments. I would appreciate a cliche not based around a part of Gen 3's plot, but more a cliche that describes Gen 3 in his entirety.

Title among other Generations: The Mercenary

Gen 3 worked as a mercenary with Subject 5 and 6, until Elizabeth the 1st's daughter's (Elizabeth the 2nd, who will now be just referred to as Elizabeth.) Gamanium mining business got mixed in with a job S.T had been given, leading him to discover that Elizabeth's family had run the labs that he was in. Elizabeth was shot with a Gamanium bullet, and died. However, she made a deal to become a demon instead of a human to keep herself alive. Her Corrupted SOUL abilities were removed, except for the immunity to Corrupted Code/Reality warping, and she became a shadow demon. Over the next year she overthrew the ruler of Hell, came back to Gam, and hired an unnamed Infected to kill S.T.

Gen 4

Cliche: The most cliched of them all, Gen 4. Gen 4 is quite obviously based around lust centered characters, specifically villains. They're nearly all the same, and in my opinion, the least original style of OC.

Title among other Generations: The Sick

After Gen 3, the next generation was taken over by the sickness that Infected SOULs and Corrupted SOULs were known for. Gen 4 was set on killing Elizabeth, but was not blinded by her own rage. She started a business selling customizable (She used her reality warping to "customize" them) refugee 'slaves' for Monster Dust and SOULS (S.T is a SOUL Eater, and Monster Dust is essentially hot sauce, if you like hot sauce, for SOUL Eaters) After gaining enough SOULs from her business, Elizabeth took notice of the amount of SOULs not being sent to Hell because of a person's death, and confronted S.T again. S.T was captured by Elizabeth and worked as her servant for about a month, before escaping. The same Unnamed Infected is sent to kill S.T, but instead of killing her, he also captures her and 'forcefully' removes her code manipulative abilities. In the time that they have S.T, the Infected helps overthrow Elizabeth's rule in Hell. Elizabeth rescues S.T, however S.T dies, but is brought back by Elizabeth. Subject Five and Six turn on S.T and kill Elizabeth, and S.T kills them and the Infected with Elizabeth's Gamanium Boot-Gun.

Gen 5

Cliche: Based around edgy villains. This one also is pretty unoriginal, and is right up next to lust characters.

Title among other Generations: The Lost

Gen 5 slaughtered the remaining citizens of Gam after Gen 4, and used the SOULs to regain her strength. She travels the world to find more people to kill for their SOULs. She used only a Gamanium revolver and the Gamanium chain drilled into her neck bone as weapons. Gen 5 eventually arrives in Izlekeh, the most magical place in all of MV-Tale. Many more variations of Monsters live on Izlekeh, and many with much more magical abilities than that of the Monsters that live in other places across the world, as most of the Monster population of the world is Skeletons, who live side by side with humans, with the downfall that they, like humans, lost their magic over the ages. Gen 5 continues hunt people for their SOULs, but encounters more difficulties fighting against more magical creatures. The creatures that do get away escape to other towns, and as time goes by, more and more people flee to what had become the safest kingdom in Izlekeh, due to their ruler, Gen 3 S.K. After Gen 1 S.T/S.K, Gen 2 S.K was sent to a semi-large kingdom in Izlekeh by Elizabeth the Elder. Gen 3 was sent to work in the Izlethitite (True Platinum, the reverse of Gamanium) mines, and died in a mining accident. Due to the cause of doing with a large amount of True Platinum/Izlethitite, S.K came back to life 5 years later, when his body was mined out of the caves, and his SOUL was revived by the True Platinum/Izlethitite after it fused with the SOUL. Due to this fusion, S.K gained reality warping abilities, as long as he had at least a kilogram of True Platinum/Izlethite in a 10 foot radius of himself. S.K returned to the kingdom, and overthrew the ruler, taking it over. He was a peaceful ruler. Back to the present, S.T slowly moves closer to S.K's kingdom. S.T and S.K meet in the desert close to S.K's kingdom, and fight. S.T shoots S.K with Gamanium, causing him to lose his abilities, but S.K continues to fight her, taking her gun and breaking many of her bones. Both of them retreat. S.K loses his abilities permanentely, whIle S.T starts to die slowly. S.K hires a Morpher to finish off S.T. The Morpher finds S.T and instead of killing her they make a deal: S.T dies and is revived, but is fused with the Morpher, granting S.T the ability to morph with her/his screens at the cost that S.T’s first offspring must be a Morpher, continuing the species. However S.T does still does not have her/his screens at the time, but makes the deal to stay alive.

Gen 6

Cliche: Based around wholesome good-hearted characters such as Science!Sans. This type of character isn't very annoying, but still overused nonetheless.

Title among other Generations: The Rebirth

S.T returns to S.K, stating a truce. S.K agrees on the condition that S.T finds a rogue shadow demon that had left the demon empire, and was rumored to be hiding out somewhere in Izlekeh. S.T travels across Izlekeh, and into the Northern region. S.T eventually locates the demon in a trading kingdom close to the Nothern tip of Izlekeh. S.T finds the shadow demon, only that there is no demon, rather a human that had been mistaken as a demon. S.T also finds out that the human is the next Generation of Elizabeth, who had been revived by the Spider Amulet (info on the Spider Amulet will be added to Elizabeth‘s page) at the cost of her memories. S.T returns with Elizabeth to S.K, who lets S.T into the kingdom. S.T leaves again soon after to return to Gam and recover Elizabeth’s memories, and tells S.K who she really is. S.T returns to Gam, and to the many areas that Elizabeth once controlled, in search for a way to recover her memories. The only hint he finds to anything close to memory recovery leads him to Mt. Ebott in search of a rumored monster magician. At the base of Mt. Ebott, in Ebott Forest, S.T finds a small village of humans, that tell him that the monster he seeks had dissapeared long ago, last seen heading up towards the mountain. While making his way up the mountain, he falls into the underground, and is fatally wounded by said fall.

Gen 7 (Work In Progress Generation)

Cliche: Like Gen 3, this Generation was created more as a filler for plot, except this one also has a cliche. Gen 7 is based around direct ripoffs of Sans that add nothing new to the character whatsoever. This Generation is also a specific WIP, and might change heavily over time, so who knows.

Title among the other Generations: The Ripoff

S.T is revived by Alphys, and S.T introduces himself to the Underground Cast of MV-Tale. He befriends Muffet, and they travel the underground as companions. The monsters never escaped the underground, despite Frisk having fallen into the underground 7 years ago. The monster found that the human SOULs were not enough to break the barrier, and were eternally trapped there. S.T and Muffet work for the King, Alphys, and the Royal Guard. S.T was then confronted by Chara, who made a deal with him that freed her. Chara became a physical being again, and tried to kill off the underground. S.T did not interfere as part of the deal, but Chara was stopped anyways by Undyne. Meanwhile in an alternate timeline, underground, Flowey escapes from Genocide Frisk, and travels into the main timeline, becoming Flowet. Flowet is allowed to take control of the timeline by The Puppet, and The Puppet pretends to be letting Flowet control him. Flowet sets off to kill the main character and end the AU. S.T continues his search for the monster who could help him recover Elizabeth's memory. He finds a monster who can help him, but still cannot leave the underground. Meanwhile above-ground, Elizabeth learns that she has hidden memories, and threatens to kill S.K if he does not give her her memories. S.K runs from Elizabeth, traveling across Izlekeh, and hides on one of the islands that form the Forgotten Isles. S.K finds the ruins of an old monster kingdom, and tunnels leading down into the earth. S.K follows these tunnels, which lead to a second entrance into the Underground and to his surprise, meets S.T. Elizabeth catches up with S.K, and follows the same tunnels. S.K tries to kill


Gen 8

Cliche:_____ ___ __ _______ ___.

Title among other Generations: Anomaly



Gen 9

The Cliche: Makes fun of shitpost OCs, and was also created for RP reasons.

Title among the other Generations: The New Beginning

Gen 9 was the first Out-Code S.T. He partnered with Swap and S.K (his brother), who spent there time together pissing people off and swearing (Oh I guess there was a bit of coffee). He was the first Multiverse Judge. His mental stability is still under speculation. He died when in a fight with the demon Terracus. Fell S.T who was sent by Error S.T after the situation with Gen 8, followed them all into the Multiverse waiting to kill them. True!Swap was his teammate. They were countered by S.K and Destroyer!Sans (Createsans OC). He was probably my (MissingInAction1) favourite Generation, and I tried to recreate him in Gen 12.

Gen 10

The Cliche: Based around egotistical hero RP OCs.

Title among the other Generations: The Hero

Gen 10 was the second S.T to have an outfit similar to Sans. He was similar to Gen 9, but was more serious and sane. He fell in love with Swap, and they had a child together. During the time of the Altertale has been Taken event, before the full battle, S.T and Swap fought against Infected and a brainwashed Error404. The fight in Multiverse Time lasted 2 days. Swap was raped and tortured and S.T was nearly killed for good, but S.T said something to 404 to convince him to help them (It had to do with Alpha!Sans). S.T and Swap over the next year plan their revenge on Infected. Fell S.T disappeared, and True!Swap became Elizabeth when she was released from Swap's mind after she was tortured. Elizabeth starts to work as a helpful member of the team (slightly) and convinces everyone that she isn't trying to kill them all. The day S.T is fighting Infected for the final time, Elizabeth kills Swap, turns S.K into Flowet, and MV!Frisk into MV!Chara. S.T and Infected die fighting each other.

Gen 11

Cliche: Based around edgy variations of already existing characters that add little to no substance other than making them "darker". This is because Gen 11 is simply a edgy Gen 10.

Title among the other Generations: The Unwanted

A anomaly involving an OC called Samuel shifts the Multiverse. It revives Infected, splitting his SOUL in two and sharing it with Broken!Karma (MickRunner OC). While the SOUL is split, the Sickness will not take them. Error S.T is freed from PuppetTale and so is everyone else from the Mind-AU. Error S.T takes over the Council of S.Ts (A council of every S.T). He revives Classic S.T and forces him to help his plan. Corrupteds and Infecteds have made their first alliance ever to take over the Multiverse, but instead of doing it the themselves they hire the new S.T crew (Error S.T, S.T, Flowet, Elizabeth, and MV!Chara), run by Error S.T. S.T ruins everything by _________ ___ 1,000 ____ ___ ___________. Shortly after, to avoid the punishment from failing the task set by the Infecteds and Corrupteds, Error S.T commits suicide. The crew falls apart and is strung about across the Multiverse.

Gen 12 (Current Gen)

Cliche: Gen 12 is the current generation, therefore they are not finished and their "plot" will not be complete until the next Gen comes to light, excluding Gen 20. The cliche has not been decided or written in yet, but will most likely be similar to Gen 9.

Title among the other Generations: Another Beginning

The death of Gen 11 is unspecified. Gen 12 is the third female S.T. After the death of Gen 11 and the transition into Gen 12, S.T became a slightly more dark version of Gen 9. Romania and C.T left the Snowdin House, and now permanently live at the Kings Hall, since C.T is still a judge. C.T and Romania helped stop Infected's new pet, Project 102, and that was that. S.T, Swap, Elizabeth, and Flowet-

Hold it


More will be added with the next issue of A Journey In Length of Coffee Beans, which links to can be found in the Bepis Chronicles section below.

Gen 20

Title among the other Generations: The End

Who wears the crown in the end.


Gen 1

Both wear grey testing pants and shirts. S.T has green and grey pupils while S.K has blue pupils.

Gen 2

Wears grey testing pants and a shirt along with a brown Infinity Backpack. He has orange pupils.

Gen 3

Wears no clothing except a greyish-blue Infinity Backpack. He has yellow pupils.

Gen 4

Wears no clothing except a purple Infinity Backpack. Often wearing a gag. She has pink pupils in the shape of hearts.

Gen 5

Wears a dark grey hooded cloak and a low tier Gamanium chain screwed into her neck. She has one pupil, which is grey and heart-shaped.

Gen 6

Wears a light grey lab coat and a crimson scarf. He has red pupils.

Gen 7

Wears a blue hoodie, a light pink shirt, dark grey basket-ball shorts, and pink slippers. He has light blue pupils.

Gen 8


Gen 9

Wears no clothing other than a blue Infinity Backpack. He has white pupils.

Gen 10

Wears a grey hoodie, dark grey pants, and a light green T-shirt. He has green pupils.

Gen 11

Wears a dark grey hoodie with light green stripes marking the cuffs, a dark green T-shirt, and dark grey pants. He has dark green pupils and his teeth are pointed.

Gen 12

Wears no clothing other than a dark blue Infinity Backpack. She has light grey pupils.

Weapons & Abilities (Set Abilities/Generation Varying Weapons)

Set Weapons/Abilities:

Corrupted Reality Warping

The main ability of all Corrupteds, this attack summons four screens which allow S.T to warp reality, and everything outside of reality, using simple commands. The screens S.T uses run an older OS than other Corrupteds due to S.T abandoning the way of the Corrputeds, and not receiving the update for her screens.

S.T's Gamanium Boot-Gun

The Gamanium Boot-Gun, made of a Gamanium/Silver metal mix with "Subject Ten" carved on the barrel in Elizabeth's handwriting. Two other Gamanium Six Shooters are owned by members of one of the S.T crews, Elizabeth and S.K. Gamanium weapons can fire all types of bullets, but are made to be able to fire Gamanium rounds without breaking. Gamanium rounds can pass through anything magical, cannot be affected by reality warping, and will either kill or temporarily remove the magic from any magical being the bullet is shot into. They also come in dart form, which work as a strong sedative for all magical creatures. True Platinum darts also exist, which temporarily strengthen and also heal any magical being.


The personalities of S.T vary from Gen to Gen.

Gen 1

Gen 1 seems to lack a personality...

Gen 2

Gen 2 is void of compassion or friendliness. He finds joy in nothing.

Gen 3

Gen 3 will do anything as long as he gets paid the right amount. He is untrustworthy and usually falls through with deals.

Gen 4

Gen 4 is slutty and perverted. She gets a sick pleasure from torture and rape. This S.T is usually not talked about among future generations. Rumor has it, Gen 12 knows of a second Gen 4.

Gen 5

Gen 5 is quick, agile, and cunning. She is full of rage, and will not hesitate to kill.

Gen 6

Gen 6 is easily angered, but very kind to others as long as they don't piss him off. He also gets nervous quickly.

Gen 7

Gen 7 has multiple personality disorder. For most of the time, he acts like MV-Tale!Sans (Essentially normal Sans), and as for the other times, he acts similar to Gen 3.

Gen 8


Gen 9

(insert sigh here)

Gen 10

Gen 10 can be egotistical for a "good portion of time", but when it comes down to the safety of his friends and family, he acts serious. He likes being the hero when a hero is needed, and enjoys attention.

Gen 11

Gen 11 is depressed and treats his team horribly. His death cause is unknown, although suicide was expected.

Gen 12

(insert another sigh here) Gen 12 and 9 have nearly identical personalities, and their personalities are..well..interesting.

The Story of Infecteds and Corrupteds (Only canon to MV-Tale so far)

Please note that this was based off the OC Infected and the canon relationship between that OC and S.T, but it is not fully canon to Infected or anything involving him (other than S.T related subjects, and specifically so on the S.T side of things) whatsoever, at least at this point in time. To simplify, this is strictly NON CANON to the OC Infected.

With respect,

The Puppet

Well, it all starts with Infecteds. Note that Infecteds are not versions of the OC 'Infected', rather a SOUL type/species of monster. Infecteds, in MV-Tale, are any monster with the Infected SOUL. As said, it started with Infecteds. They were a species of monster with unique abilities, most notably the 'Sickness' (which is more of a natural condition than ability) and the Infected Tentacle & Black Liquid. This species used it's abilities to replicate/reproduce itself in anyway possible, in ways such as Infecting others and repoduction in the way similar to humans. The Infected species was originally a disease that was only found in Skeleton Monsters, but it evolved to be found in other types such as Goat Monsters, but is still mainly found in Skeletons (The same applies to Corrupteds). Eventually, a glitch in the Infected SOUL led to a sub-type of Infected, which were later known as Corrupteds. Corrupteds retained the 'Sickness' and the Infected Tentacle/Black Liquid (at least a variation of it, the Corrupted Tentacle/Grey Liquid). The Infected's SOUL color was a mix of black and yellow, while the Corrupted's is grey and green. Corrupted's kept the need to constantly replicate, but were given something that differentiated from the Infecteds; The Screens, a code based reality warping ability. Infecteds have a large variation of abilities, whilst Corrupteds have few (The ones mentioned earlier, The Sickness, The Grey Liquid, And The Screens). While the Corrupteds lacked qauntity, there abilities were individually more powerful, while Infecteds had many more. This evened out the strength between the two. Infecteds have been known to be more cunning than Corrupteds however. Corrupteds usually stay in groups, the same for Infecteds. Corrupteds and Infecteds evolved to be rivals to each other, making it physically impossible for a Corrupted and an Infected to ever maintain a positive relationship. It is rare for an Infected or a Corrupted to lose the Sickness temporarily or permanently, although this has happened to both S.T and Infected (although only semi-canonically to Infected). In tradition, Corrupteds and Infecteds are not supposed to be given names, only to be reffered to as 'Infected' or 'Corrupted'. A Corrupted or Infected who loses the Sickness permanently is considered a traitor, and is not accepted by other Corrupteds/Infecteds. There is rumor among Corrupteds that Morphers (not shape-shifters) actually descended from Corrupteds that relied on morphing heavily.

This section is not finished.

The Bepis Chronicles

Number One
S.T sniffs petunias in this one.
Number Two
The SWAT team is here

Trivia & Other stuff (Mostly unused content)

  • All generations of S.T are bisexual
  • S.K was supposed to be the original main character of MV-Tale, and S.T had been a scrapped idea that the creator used for random stuff occasionally
  • "Generations" were not used in S.T's plot-line until 2017
  • The abbreviation 'S.T' used to mean something else
  • Gen 6 was originally going to be transgender, but that idea was scrapped
  • S.T's earlier concepts are very similar to the character CNAS, and the first concept of S.T seen on a wiki (UTAUwiki) is the most like CNAS
  • Gen 3 was originally similar to Gen 4, but male. This was later changed
  • The OC Infected made a big impact on the lore surrounding S.T's SOUL type, and helped finish the lore for the generations
  • There was a large story arc involving The Puppet and S.T in MV-Tale, but this was later scrapped despite the effort put into the story
  • Gen 9 & 12 do not like their personality descriptions
  • The 'no clothing and an Infinity Backpack' design has been used since S.T's 2nd concept, but the no clothing concept has been part of 'her' design since the 1st concept.