Item #: SCP-2150

Class: Safe

Special containment procedures

SCP-2150 is to be contained on the other side of the complex from SCP-5120. If these two come into contact, they can destroy the entire complex. It is important that no one lets either of them near each other. SCP-2150's cell should be reinforced with 3-feet wide concrete walls, a blast-proof door, and a drinking fountain that sprays out [DATA EXPUNGED]. There should be at least 2 cameras on inside the cell at all times, and when entering the cell, there should be 3 personnel together. SCP-2150 will not attack unprovoked, but when he is not fed for [REDACTED] hours, he will attack with full force. It is important that he is fed over this time period, and that all personnel are cleared to enter its cell. If SCP-2150 is freed/escaped from his cell, it is important he is returned quickly. He will willingly go to his cell if he is not provoked, but if he was not fed, he will use his attacks to tear the limbs off of others. To keep him entertained, personnel will deliver a toy tea set, as he likes to serve tea to the personnel that come to his cell.


He can cause an explosion that can blast through normal steel, and can disintegrate metals. It is important nothing in his cell is metal, and that everything is either concrete or stone. He can instantly tear peoples limbs off, and immobilize them.


SCP-2150 is normally friendly to all staff, and as long as no personnel provoke him, he will try to make friends with them. It is advised all staff try to be on good terms with him in case he escapes. Once provoked, he will stay provoked at the person who provoked him for 24 hours. He is to be secured and transferred to [REDACTED] for 24 hours when provoked.