Wick is a "Candle Man", He wears a plaid shirt under a brown Coat and Brown jeans with a brown top-hat hiding his Wick under it.

He has 3 different attacks: Wax, Fire, and Hellflame

(Orange/White Attack) Wax

Wick throws wax over the "box", this wax drips down (Orange) and eventually freezes (White) in place, hurting the player if they are stuck in it.

(White Attack) Fire

Similar to Toriel and Asgore's but not thrown at you the same way. The fire comes from the sides of the screen, homing in on you for a short moment then going straight. (Similar to Mad Dummy's Rocket Attacks)

(Orange Attack) Hellflame

Under the "box", Wick takes off his top-hat to reveal a lit wick with a giant flame on top of it. Flames (Orange) then fly up out of the giant one, moving right and left slowly. This attack lasts for 30 seconds.