Wortoxy is a humanoid Cockroach that is made up of thousands of other cockroaches that is apart of the [REDACTED!tale AU]. He comes from a universe where roaches are the dominant species on Earth.

Made by IredactedI.


Wortoxy used to live on a alternate Earth where Cockroaches had become the dominant species and gained higher intelligence. He eventually met Winny who hired him as a mercenary. He accepted the offer and now guards [REDACTED!Chara]'s facility. He is also close friends with Weedy, but pretends not to be out of fear of being called a pervert and being fired by Winny.

Abilites and Weaknesses

Wortoxy has the same abilities you would expect a hyper-intelligent cockroach to have, multiplied by over 10,000. He has the same weaknesses as any living creature, but due to the fact he is made up of multiple beings, he can simply disassemble himself to escape danger. His greatest weakness is large bodies of liquid and pesticide.