"Try and stop me."
Zalla is a female demonic entity who possess Nikki when she wears her crystal necklace and took over her body.




Zalla was born in the undertale along with Toriel and Sans along with his friends including papyrus as she begin to grow a friendship with Chara which however she doesn't know that she was evil however Tori and the other monsters warned her about her however she ignores its and became friends with her anyway however chara press the restart so many times cost zalla to go into fully Insanity and cost her more homicidal and psychopath attacking and killing other monsters pleasing her and almost attack Tori however the other monsters did not like her behavior which was become Under the Influence of chara and was forced to be in prison in a crystal until she learns to calm down learn what she done however while become in prison of her Crystal she remains there until she found a new host.



as many years has passed since zalla was still in prison in her Crystal chamber lost and becomes more insane and psychopath.